Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Movie news: the latest buzz (and Woody) on the Jungle Cruise film!

Looks like Disney is trying once again to get a Jungle Cruise movie going, and they already have the stars in mind they'd like to headline the thing: Tom Hanks and Tim Allen.

Obviously that's a team already well-known in Disney circles as the lead voices in the blockbuster Toy Story series of Pixar features. I can't help but wonder if Toy Story's original director and former Jungle Cruise skipper John Lasseter is behind the push for the pair of actors.

No word beyond the preference of stars about what this latest attempt to make a Jungle Cruise movie would entail, but those stars, along with the resume of new screenwriter Roger S.H. Schulman certainly suggests there will be plenty of humor in the movie. I'm glad to hear it, given that the ride has been - for most of its life now - a predominantly humorous affair.

Now just for pure speculation - who will these guys be playing? A pair of rival Jungle Cruise skippers? That could be fun, but my early guess has Allen as the skipper and Hanks an uptight passenger, probably with his family in tow. That's just me guessing, though. It'll be fun to learn more if this happens!

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