Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sully of the Jungle

Wade Sampson at has posted portions of a conversation he had with Disney Legend Bill "Sully" Sullivan about, among a variety of other topics, his time as a "Jungle Bunny" in the early years of The Jungle Cruise.

An excerpt:
"I spent two and a half years in the jungle. We did about three boat trips an hour, each trip lasting seven minutes. We'd get a quick break unloading and loading guests before we made another trip. There was no formal script so we all wrote a script with all those gags that people love. They brought in a writer to make it more professional but we never followed it because we liked our stuff better."

Follow the link to learn more about polite Trashcans (an inspiration for Push the Talking Trashcan?) and why the first Jungle Cruise skippers are responsible for the Disney Look.

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